Session description

Keynote Lectures

On Monday and Tuesday there will be 6 keynote lectures presented by international and national lecturers. The lectures are 45 minutes each. These lectures are based on unpublished data and new research.

Oral Presentations

The best 20 abstracts will be chosen to hold oral presentations. The presentations will be between 10 and 15 minutes including questions.

Scientific and Progress Quizes

Teams of AINI-ESNI students from different countries will compete on the reviews provided by the organizers before the course, and dealing with the topics of the course. The students will be divided into 8 different teams with scientific team names. Each day 20/25 multiple choice questions based on the articles given before the course and questions provided by the speakers, will be handed out. The results will be up each day and the team that has the highest score on Friday will win the price as the winning team.

Poster Sessions

Snapshot posters will be selected and the presenters will hold short oral poster trailers during the sessions. The trailers will consist of 1 slide and the presentation will last 1 min. They will all be challenged by teams of senior and junior investigators. The participants that signs up for the ‘Evaulation Teams’ will be divided in groups with one PI each. Each group will be assigned a number of posters each day to evaluate together. They will report back to the organizers if they find one of the posters – excellent! The poster with the highest score at the end of the course will win the price ‘Best Poster’.

Review Lectures

Wednesday to Thursday there will be 19 review lectures presented by international and national lecturers. These are more learning based and the slides will be available for members after the meeting. The lectures will be 45 min. There will be possible to ask questions at the end of the lectured.

Lunch with the Expert

You will have the opportunity of in depth interaction with the expert during lunch. There will be round table with one expert on each table.

Students’ Debate

There will be two students’ debate during the meeting. The chairs will present the topic and students will then discuss in groups what was presented to them.