About San Servolo Island

The Island of San Servolo is composed of a large architectural complex and a lovely park, which has been
developed over the centuries to become one of the largest and prettiest in Venice. The extraordinary
monumental complex of the entire island has been restored to host a cozy and comfortable study and
residence centre. With its charming courtyards and outdoor spaces, it offers spectacular natural and
architectural staging. The splendid Basaglia terrace also offers a breathtaking view of Saint Mark’s Basin
stretching from Giudecca to the “Giardini della Biennale” and all the way to the lagoon’s inlet.

The island was a monastic seat for a thousand years, then it housed psychiatric patients until the hospital
closed down in 1978. It is now possible to visit the library, the pharmacy, the church (which has been
transformed several times over the centuries) and the museum of the psychiatric hospital, where the
archives have been carefully reassembled and catalogued.

The restoration of the Island of San Servolo is one of the most complex and challenging interventions
undertaken by the Metropolitan City of Venice, in terms of the assets being protected, the intended use,
and for the financial commitments. The goal is to return the island to the international community and
making it an active and dynamic part of Venetian life. The many activities held there on a continuous basis
(exhibitions, festivals and performances) confirm this vocation whose primary aim is to support
international dialogue and comparisons between different cultures for the economic and cultural benefit of
the Venetian area.


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